The Valentine Club – Supporting the community during COVID-19

Wed 6 May 2020
The Valentine Club – Supporting the community during COVID-19

The Valentine Club provides a valued service for seniors (over 60's) living in and around Steeple Aston and the more rural parts of North and Central Oxfordshire. It helps to reduce isolation and provides information, entertainment and brings the often forgotten, older person, a sense of purpose and the ability to make new friends.

 ‘A group of 100 seniors meet on a regular basis and enjoy coach trips to various locations throughout the year, said Richard Preston, Valentine Club organiser.

 ‘Sadly, because of the Coronavirus outbreak, our regular meetings have been postponed and we have already either cancelled or postponed half of the planned coach trips.

The Valentine Club Christmas Dinner

 ‘The ongoing effect for our group is the lack of contact with others. So we have built up a network of volunteers, many of them club members, who telephone each other simply to make contact, see if all is OK and offer some companionship even if it is simply over the phone. 

 ‘For those who are a bit more IT savvy, we send the group pictures of our gardens or similar and try to make sure everyone has enough information available to support their individual needs.  We liaise with the local organisations to provide meals for about 25 members and collect prescriptions and some shopping.  Fortunately, living mostly in villages, there is an excellent network of community help and to date, we believe everyone is surviving this disruption to normal life.

 ‘We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our service!  Let's face it, we will all get old one day and it should be something to look forward to and this is where you can help. Please support The Valentine Club at the Cherwell lottery. This will enable us to support so many that can benefit from our help.’

For more information, please contact, Richard Preston, Valentine Club organiser

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