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Sat 25 May 2024

About us

Transforming the Lives of Young People through the Power of Play!

We support over 135 families and Young People with additional needs who are unable to access mainstream play and leisure settings as they require additional support from our committed team of Playworkers. Our After School, Holiday and Youth Group activities give parents the opportunity to leave their young person in a safe and fun setting whilst they work, go food shopping, see friends or spend much needed quality time with siblings. Our Young People get the chance to socialise independently with their peers, try new activities and go out on trips into the community like swimming, bowling, climbing and dinner out with friends for some of our older young people.

The money raised from the Cherwell Lottery will pay for our young people to have fun!!

We want to raise additional funds to pay for a wide range of activities and trips out to ensure our young people can access as many opportunities as their peers. Our current funding doesn't stretch that far...

For example, it costs £450 to allow us to take just 10 young people swimming including the use of an accessible bus to get us there! Please support Let's Play and help us give our Young People the opportunities they deserve.

Thank you!

Sammy Bates

Activities Manager

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